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Class Timetable

clockNew entrants train in the Recreational Classes for 1 session on a Saturday morning. In these classes children are introduced to the basics and can do gymnastics for fun, moving through the recreational classes and BG proficiency awards as they please.  Those who would like to do gymnastics at a competitive level, and who show potential, will be invited to star award classes (5 to 7 year olds,) or development classes (older gymnasts capable of working at the Amber award level.)


Advancement through the club to competition classes, offers of additional training sessions on a Wednesday and/or Thursday evening depend upon a number of factors, including the gymnast’s progress, ability, stamina, attitude and attendance, as well as the availability of coaches.




All Ages and  Abilities

One hour sessions between

  Saturday 9:00am and 1:15pm

      Thursdays and Friday pm

    Tuesdays pm at SJL school



5+ Years Old

Saturday 4:30pm-6:00pm




5 Years Old +

Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm

Thursday 5:00pm-8:00pm

Fridays 6:00-8:00pm

Saturday 1:40pm-4:40pm


SAADI gymnasts regularly compete in the following competitions:competition picture

Hertfordshire Gymnastic Association Grades (HGA)

These are set work on all four pieces of apparatus: vault, bar, beam and floor and include a conditioning routine at the highest grade. The first grade is 1 and the highest is 6. When they are ready, squad gymnasts may enter HGA gradings, provided they have not competed in a Level 4 or higher County competition or taken part in the NDP Club Grades 13 or above..


Hertfordshire County and Regional competitions (Levels)

Gymnasts perform routines on all four pieces of apparatus. The regulations define the difficulty for each competition level while allowing an individual choice of elements and choreography. These are known as voluntary competitions. Squad gymnasts progress through the levels according to age, experience and ability. Both individual and team competitions are held in age bands within levels. Gymnasts achieving or exceeding a threshold score in individual or team competitions move up to the next level. From Level 4 onwards the first 3 placed gymnasts will qualify for the regional final.

National Development Plan (
NDP) Club Grades

Squad gymnasts are entered progressively for British Club Grade competitions that are based on set exercises. The first grade is 14 and the highest Grade is 1. The competitions are held in age bands within each grade. Certificates will be presented to all gymnasts who have achieved an overall score of 40.0 + 10.0 for conditioning. The first 3 gymnasts in each age group/level go forward to the Regional Final, funded by the County.


SAADI Club Championships

All SAADI gymnasts get the opportunity to perform in Club Championships annually.  The Club Championships take place on two dates during the year, the beginners championships is held in July and the competition classes compete in November.  Competitions are split into age categories, with medals and ribbons awarded for each age group.  The competition girls compete their optional levels routines; whilst beginners compete the HGA 1 routines in preparation for external competitions.



Competition Venues
Competitions are held at local gymnastics centres.  For directions to these click the link below:

Directions to Marriotts, Stevenage


Competition Dates

Competition dates are available on the dates page. 


For further details on competitions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



medalplaqueThe SAADI award is a scheme of work specially designed to progress our young gymnasts from their first day of gymnastics as beginners, through entry to their first competition up to the top British Club Grades and voluntary competitions, FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics.) The awards are graded from Star through to Gold as shown below and at every stage, the successful gymnast receives a certificate and may purchase a badge for £2.00 in acknowledgement of her achievement.






Star Award


This is a basic coordination and skill test.  It is designed for 5 and 7 year olds new to gymnastics and they are expected to pass this in their first term.


Ruby Award


After passing a simple co-ordination test, the gymnast can then start to learn the skills that form the basic moves for gymnastics, by working on preps and relevant conditioning. The gymnast is expected to master these skills and pass the Ruby award within six months to one year.


Amber Award


The award is designed for the older beginner and lays the foundation for the development of more advanced skills. It is expected that a gymnast will manage to pass their Amber award within a year. On passing, the girls are allowed to wear SAADI black and gold leotard and a black jogging suit. They must pass this award, however, before being considered for external competitions such as the Hertfordshire Gradings (HGA) competitions and the first of the County voluntary competitions, Level 7.


Emerald Award


The EMERALD Award is more comprehensive and demanding than the first three levels and marks a greater level of achievement. It therefore is expected to take longer to pass. This award contains all the moves necessary to pass the first two levels of the Hertfordshire Grades (HGA) competitions and some of HGA 3 and will continue basic work for more advanced moves.



SAADI Club Badge


The SAADI BADGE is awarded to gymnasts taking part in their first Hertfordshire competition and is in recognition of their achievement in becoming full competitive members of the club.


Bronze Award


The BRONZE Award contains progressions and appropriate body conditioning for the gymnasts, to help them develop the stamina and learn the skills for the British Club Grades and further County voluntary competitions. On passing, the girls go into full competitions uniform that is the competition leotard and SAADI tracksuit, black cycle shorts and SAADI polo shirt.


Silver Award


This award is designed to stretch the gymnast’s quality of work, as they further develop their routines for the County Levels 4 and 3, as well as the higher British Club Grades. On passing, they receive a medal and certificate.


Gold Award 


The GOLD Award is the highest standard and marks exceptional achievement. It is designed to develop those gymnasts working to Level 2 and full FIG code (Federation of International Gymnastics). On passing, they are awarded the SAADI plaque.


Individual Apparatus Awards


We award certificates for passes on individual piece of apparatus (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Conditioning) to encourage the gymnasts towards their final award.