Q When is the first gym session after the holidays?

A If you want information about any of the training dates or holidays, visit the Dates page of the website.


Q Is there training at half term?

A We traditionally train on the first Saturday of half term holidays and take the second Saturday off. For more information, visit the Dates page of the website.


Q Why is it important to be at club champs?

A All Saadi members are expected to take part in this competition. It enables the coaches to assess the development of each gymnast, as well as their competition temperament and is a key element in class grouping and planning for the coming year.


Q My daughter has been entered for the Club Champs competition, what should she wear?

A The appropriate Club uniform is mandatory. This is as follows:

  • Bronze Award holders and above - SAADI Competition Leotard
  • Amber Award holders - SAADI black and gold Amber leotard
  • All other gymnasts - Plain black long sleeved leotards


Q My daughter has been entered for her first HGA competition. What should she wear?

A For HGA competitions, girls are allowed to wear their Amber leotards, providing they are in good condition. They should arrive at the competition in SAADI tracksuits, particularly if the weather is cold, as they will need them throughout the competition.


Q My daughter has been entered for a competition and does not have a SAADI leotard.

A Leotards may be hired for a small fee from the uniform team. For more information, visit the Uniform page of the website.


Q Could my daughter compete in her Amber leotard for an NDP Grades or an Individual Levels competition?

A For the Grades or Levels competitions, gymnasts should wear the SAADI competition leotards, which you could purchase if your daughter has passed her Bronze Award. If not, then these may be hired from the uniform team. For more information, visit the Uniform page of the website.


Q Whereabouts is the HGA competition? How do I get there?

A For information about the competitions, visit the Competitions page of the website.


Q How can I help my daughter at home?

A Encourage your daughter to do set exercises at home regularly. Conditioning is the key to progress


Q What can I do to help?

A We are proud that we are one of the few Gymnastics Clubs, in Hertfordshire, which runs essentially on a voluntary basis. All coaches and committee members work together purely for the benefit of the girls. We rely on the cooperation and help of the parents who work in partnership with the coaches. Apart from putting out and putting away the apparatus, there are numerous other small jobs that need doing. Please ask any of the committee members, or coaches.


Q What should I do if my daughter is ill and unable to come to gym?

A Ring or email and let Penny know if your daughter is unable to attend. Again, this helps the coaches to plan the session. Remember some coaches leave home by 11:30 a.m. on a Saturday to coach at 12:00 o’clock.