SAADI Beginners' and Development Club Championships 2013

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The 2013 SAADI Beginners' and Development Club Championships took place on Saturday June 29th.  All the girls performed really well, in front of an audience of family and friends, and of course the competition judges.  For many of the girls this was their first competition, and they did really well to learn the Hertfordshire Gymnastics Associate (HGA) Grade 1 floor routine and polish it up to competition standard.  More experienced development gymnasts competed all four pieces: vault, bars, beam and floor, again performing HGA 1 routines.  At the end of the competition each gymnast was presented with a yellow rose, in the SAADI tradition as well as a certificate containing their scores.  Well done, from the club and all the coaches, to all the girls who competed.

The beginners competed in four groups with bronze, silver and gold ribbons being awarded to the top three gymnasts in each group.  The overall medallists in the Beginners' category, with the highest scores across all groups, were Phoebe (gold), Amy (silver) and Clara (bronze).  In the Development category, gymnasts competing four pieces, there were four groups of gymnasts: this time there were gold silver and bronze ribbons for each piece of apparatus for each group, and an overall medal for the group based on the total score across all four pieces.  Medals were awarded to the overall winners with the highest total score across all groups, the gold was won by Eleanor, silver by Isabella and bronze by Ruby.

Of course the competition couldn't happen without the hard work of the many people involved in organising and running it.  A huge thank you to Penny Collins for organising the event; to the judges who marked every single performance; to the parents who helped out on the day; and to the older gymnasts and coaches who took the competitors around the competition floor.

Click read more to see a gallery of photographs from the day, by Adrian Dixon, including photos of all of the groups and gymnasts with their medals and ribbons.

 Beginners Overall Winners

Overall Winners in the Beginners' Competition


Overall Winners in the Development Competition


Gymnasts Lining up at the Start of the Competition


Ciara, Rosie, Nicole and Ruby


Georgina, Ella, Josie and Emily


Amber, Leila, Paige, Amy, Olivia and Lucie


Isabella, Phoebe, Clara and Evie


Maya, Eloise, Olivia, Emily, Jasmin, Leonie and Lauren


Lucy, Eleanor, Isabella, Sylvie, Sarah, Martha and Grace


Isabel, Sophie, Catlin, Lucy and Holly


Anastasia, Lilly, Maya, Ruby, Delphi, Kate and Julia

IT Prepare

IT Preparing for the Competition Will and Simon

Floor Judges

Floor Judges Nicola and Jim Deliberate

 The Gallery of Photos from the competition is available here, all photos by Adrian Dixon.