Legal & Welfare

SAADI is Child Centred and fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its members. The club believes it is important that coaches, administrators, club members and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspects of the club with any of the welfare officers.

Code of Conduct

The SAADI code of conduct can be found here.


Complaints and Grievances Procedure

STATEMENT: As a club affiliated to British Gymnastics (BG), the club is bound by the BG Procedures for Complaints, Disciplinary Issues and Membership Suspensions & Expulsions.

SAADI places the Welfare & Safety of its members as the highest priority.

The club has designated Health, Safety & Welfare Officers to whom all complaints, grievances and suspicions of poor practice should be addressed. Matters will be dealt with confidentially and only those who need to know will be informed.

The British Gymnastics procedure for dealing with complaints will be followed and if an issue cannot be suitably addressed at a Club Level, the British Gymnastics procedures will be implemented.

Click for a copy of the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy direct from the British Gymnastics website.

Privacy Policy 

Follow this link to view the SAADI Privacy Policy, and the following link for the objection form.

Welfare Policy Documents

Click on any document to download a copy in pdf.